You've probably heard their ads on the radio or found them with an online search. They may be blowing up your phone or sending you a bunch of mail. They are the "National Tax Resolution" companies. There are about half a dozen of them - and they are big business. But are they a big help?

Often, you will need more personalized service than what these resolution factories can provide. You may need legal representation and the protections that attorney-client privilege and the attorney work product privilege can afford. Usually, these big firms can't provide that protection.  If in doubt, ask.

You may also need assistance on a variety of additional items such as getting previous tax filings and records up to date, keeping current book keeping accurate, helping restructure a business, or even navigating bankruptcy or receivership to protect your family's finances. A lot of those big firms won't be able to help you with most of these needs.

And the fees you will pay reflect their large size and big marketing budgets. Do an internet search and see how they work, and before you sign up ask a lot of questions.

We recommend you work with a firm that has attorneys, accountants, tax professionals and business managers that can help with the IRS - and help navigate all the other issues that led you to needing a helping hand. They generally cost the same as a big national firm, but you will get much more personalized and comprehensive attention.

At the end of the day, you need your life back. That means you will need to address all the issues - and that calls for a different approach than you will find with the typical tax resolution firm.


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