Your Situation

Received a notice letter from the IRS and don't know what to do?

Did the IRS put a lien or levy on your house, car, wages, bank accounts, etc.?

Need help with a tax audit defense - letter audit, field audit, comprehensive audit?

Don't want to deal with the IRS and would like someone to represent you?

Scared of what may happen to your business and family and want some peace of mind?

Just want to be done with this once and for all and be able to move on with your life?


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Our Approach

Every business, every person and every situation are unique. We work with you to navigate the IRS, creditors and other business challenges to help keep you afloat. Applying legal, accounting, financial and operational experience across multiple industries, Safe Harbor will develop a personalized plan of action to get back to smooth sailing.

Our Story

With over 20 years of turn around experience, the team at Safe Harbor has seen the highs and lows of the business cycle.

From tax challenges to operational concerns, from M&A integration to sale of a business through a receiver, we have charted courses that help families and businesses like yours through turbulent times.

We recognize the need for a holistic look at your situation. Our team will address both your immediate needs and the long-term trends that led to the challenges you are facing today.

Safe Harbor Resolution helps guide you, your family and your business through uncertainty and tough times and resolve issues with partners, investors, creditors, business operations and the IRS for the long term.


Let us guide you through...

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